Low Cost Promotional Sashes

Our promotional sashes are an affordable way of promoting your business or event. Ideal for store openings, corporate advertising, product promotions, conferences and exhibitions (as well as for in-store retail promotions), our promotional sashes are sure to give your business the exposure you’re after.
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Promotional Sashes: More Information

Our promotional sashes are great for one-off purposes and are highly versatile in function. Available in a huge range of colours to suit your corporate branding (including baby pink, black, bottle green, bronze, emerald green, fuchsia, gold, navy, red, royal, silver, white and yellow), our promotional sashes are a simple and affordable solution that guarantees a good return.

Our sashes are manufactured using the highest quality materials and finished with an over-locked edge to prevent any splitting. They are comfortably shaped to the hip, which maximises the ‘message’ area for visibility. The sashes measure approximately 36 inches front / 36 inches back and are normally worn in a fish tail (right shoulder to left hip). Promotional Sashes

Printed Promotional Sashes

Your promotional sash can be printed via screen print, transfer and CAD cut vinyl. This full-colour printing process allows us to reproduce images and photographs as well as using multi-colour images and designs all over the material. Your sash will be designed exactly to your specifications; we just need your input at the design stage, and we will sort out the rest.

Case Study - Marks and Spencer

A promotional sash can be a particularly useful marketing tool in the high street retail environment. A number of companies use these products to either promote a new product or indicate their availability to help a customer with an enquiry. Staff at M&S wore our lime green sashes over the festive period to distinguish themselves from the general public on the crowded shop floor.

Printed on the sashes in black lettering was the phrase ‘Your M&S – How Can I Help You?’ The feedback they had back from their customers was very positive; customers found that the distinctive nature of the sashes made it easy to identify the M&S employees, and the message made many people feel more inclined to approach the staff with their enquiries.

For more information on our promotional sashes and how we can meet your needs, please call 02920 755733 or email info@goldenfinishes.com for more info.

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