Wire Badges

Wire Badges are the highest quality badges available; a luxury item in the world of personalised badges. Made by hand using gold and silver wire, our skilled operators will ensure that the badges are finished to the highest possible standard, with great care and attention to detail.
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Quality Wire Badges

Our wire badges are ideal for blazers, and are often used to proudly display an individual’s achievements. We produce a range of military badges that act as the perfect, lifetime memoir of your accomplishments, and offer the best possible value to our customers.

We can’t rush wire badges as they require a lot of care and attention, although we do our very best to ensure you have your wire badge in just four weeks. Wire Badges

Golden Finishes Wire Badges FAQs

How do I clean wire badges? Special care and attention should be paid when cleaning wire badges. We would NOT recommend that you wash your badge conventionally, and would suggest that you stick to dry cleaning methods, although much will depend on each badge and its base material.
How do we attach wire badges to a blazer? Your wire badges are of the highest quality, and will normally be carefully sewn on by hand to the blazer.
Is there a set up charge? In relation to wire badges, artwork setup charges are included in the costs quoted by our Customer Services team.
For more information on wire badges and our services, please don’t hesitate to contact Golden Finishes on 02920 755733 or email info@goldenfinishes.com.

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