High-quality woven badges from GF Europe

We supply a wide range of woven badges here at Golden Finishes, suited to a variety of purposes. Working with customers from all sorts of industries and backgrounds, we create the perfect set of personalised badges, whilst providing you with full flexibility and control.
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Woven Club Badges

Woven club badges can be made in any shape, and can be finished to fit all of your desired specifications. Our experienced team use modern laser cutting equipment and employ highly skilled operators, who edge the badges with strong over-locking in order to provide good edges on your woven badges. All of our patches are available with Hook & Loop, or as an iron-on or sew-on design. Woven Badges

Woven Award Badges

Woven award badges provide the ideal canvas to mark your achievements, whether you choose one of our sew-on or iron-on options.

Woven Company Badges

As one of the most experienced woven badge suppliers in the UK, we understand that company logos are of vital importance to all businesses. In order to meet the demand for recognizable branding, we deliver high-quality, personalised badges to help enhance your business’ corporate image.

Whether you require sew-on or iron-on patches, our woven badges are perfect for attaching to hats, bags and other promotional items, helping to solidify your organization’s image.

Woven School Badges

With years of experience in supplying woven badges for schools, we are confident in our ability to provide quality badges for all types of school events and uses. Our woven badges offer students a straightforward method of attaching their school logo to any garment, such as clothing, bags and other items.

Woven Promotional Badges

Promotional badges make an ideal giveaway item at your chosen event, enhancing you & your business’ promotions at a very low cost. Our woven badges are highly flexible, and give you the perfect advertising tool to set your business apart from the rest.

Golden Finishes Woven Badges FAQs

What’s the difference between woven badges and embroidered badges? When the material is made, coloured threads are used to produce the design within the material, while embroidery is produced by stitching the design onto the material. Unlike embroidery, weaving machines are very large and setting up designs requires relatively large runs of material. If you’re looking to include very small numbers in your design, embroidery is the better option of the two.
Can you supply washing instruction labels? We are able supply washing instruction labels, which are available either printed or woven. For more information, please contact our Customer Services team.
Is there a minimum order on woven badges? Woven badges call for a larger set up requirement of a loom, which is why the minimum number of average sized badges is 300. Whatever the number of woven badges you require, we are happy to discuss your needs. Just get in touch and let us know how we can help.
For high-quality woven badges, contact Golden Finishes on 02920 755733 or email us at info@goldenfinishes.com with any questions you have regarding our woven badges.

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