We recently produced a sublimated flag for a customer and its fair to say he is on top of the world (almost literally!)

Alan Meek of SCS Group recently broke a record as he reached the summit of Mount Everest after six weeks of intense training and acclimitisation becoming the oldest man to scale Everest (we believe).

Allan has joined an elite group of Welsh people who have successfully managed to scale the highest peak in the world. To celebrate the achievement we were tasked with producing a sublimated flag to capture the moment he reached the summit. 

But becoming the oldest welshman to scale Everest wasn't enough for record-breaker Alan, who bought Cardiff to Everest by being the first person to perform the 'Ayatollah' at the summit (This isn't official but we're pretty sure he is!) 

The video itself has become a bit of a phenomenon online racking up views, shares and comments from all over the world... 

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